All You Need To Know About The Grand Central Terminal March 31 2014

  1. Though rail travel has declined in scope and grandeur since the terminal was built, Grand Central is still one of the world’s great railroad stations, and a symbol of the city.

  2. The best view of the terminal is from Park Avenue, south of the station.  

  3. Main Concourse has an elliptical vault, decorated with the constellations of the zodiac designed by Whitney Warren with Paul Helleu and Charles  Basing.

  4. The constellations are reversed, north to south, a fact discovered by a commuter in 1913.

  5. Various explanations have been given: that the painters made the mistake because the diagram was placed on the floor, or that the painters were using a medieval manuscript that showed the stars from a point beyond the heavens.

  6. Grand Central Market, between the Main Concourse and Lexington Avenue, is a foodie’s delight

  7. Just off the Main Concourse, in the Shuttle Passage, is an annex of the New York Transit Museum , with changing exhibitions on the art and history of public transit.