All You Need To Know About The Empire State Building March 20 2014

  1. Open daily 8am- 2am.

  2. Last elevator at 1:15 am.

  3. There are three lines: security check, ticket purchase, elevator.

  4. Observatories are located on the 86th and 102nd floors.

  5. The 86th-floor  observatory has both indoor and outdoor viewing areas. The 102nd-floor is only outdoor

  6. During storms and severe weather, the outdoor deck may be closed.

  7.  Tickets start at $27 for a visit to the Main Observation Deck (86th-floor), $44 for both floors.

  8. Tickets are for one-time use only. Once you exit the observation deck you will need to buy another ticket to enter again.

  9. There are several family-style restaurants on the ground floor.

  10. The most famous visitor in the early years was King Kong, in the classic 1933 film.

  11. Tickets are available here.