Frequently Asked New York Nightlife Questions


Due COVID-19 pandemic we are currently offering only voucher credit valid 24 months and transferable. Refunds are suspended until further notice. Thank you 


Why do you call your tours “Experience”?

Our Experiences are not typical tours. We help you discover the real New York, places and venues unknown to tourists. We will enjoy “The City That Never Sleeps” and party with real New Yorkers. Our Nightlife Gurus know every secret of the “Big Apple’s” Nightlife, and are VIP experts. Our guests experience the real New York and not just the touristy parts of the city. Our average client is a smart and curious individual who loves the nightlife, and of course loves New York.

Why do you call the tour guides “Nightlife Guru”?

Since this is not a tour we don’t call them tour guides, yet they are licensed NYC sightseeing guides. The Guru spends years studying and getting to know the Nightlife of New York City.

Is it possible to enter the venues by myself?

Passing the velvet rope in New York can be very difficult. We are the only company that provides Nightlife Experiences in New York City. In order to visit the venues we feature by yourself you will have to purchase what in New York is famously called ‘table service’. The average cost is $1000 for 4 people. Drinks in New York are notoriously expensive; the average price is $20 per cocktail. We provide an easy way for everybody to experience and enjoy the atmosphere of these glamorous, upscale and hard-to-access places, without having to rob a bank. The value you will receive for your experience is tremendous compared with the price you will pay. It includes drinks, cover charge, transportation and the companionship of an experienced Nightlife Guru. We are continuously changing our venues and choosing the best party each night.  

What is your refund policy?

Depending on the Experience we have a 48/72 hours refund policy. Details are listed under the product description on our homepage under Terms and Conditions.

Note: due to the global emergency COVID-19 there may be longer waiting times. Our team is active 24 / 72 h to offer assistance as soon as possible.

The refund policy is the same for everyone and at the company's discretion on the methods and deadlines at which it will be made.

The accepted credit is transferable but not refundable if not used.

Are your “Experiences” appropriate for kids?

To participate on our Experience you have to be minimum 21 years of age. Please remember to bring a government certified ID.

Is there a specific dress code?

Every Experience has a different dress code. Please look at the terms and conditions of the chosen Experience.

Why can’t I choose my drink?

The drinks we choose reflect the New York Experience and come from the pantheon of the New York cocktail tradition. As our groups are mostly large this enables us to make the most of your time at each venue.  We serve cosmopolitans, champagne, beer, etc., it depends on the night and the Experience. Please, always feel free to purchase a different or an additional drink at the bar.

What happens if I’m late?

We suggest you arrive 15 minutes before the Experience departure. We don’t guarantee any service for a belated guest.

What happens if it rains?

Our Experiences always take place unless it’s unsafe or we receive a flood alert warning from the national Weather Service.

What does it mean the Experience is until “Open End”?

When we arrive at the last venue you are welcome to stay until the end of operating hours of the venue. (Mostly 4am)