All You Need To Know About The Met March 28 2014

  1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) is open daily 10.30 a.m. -5.30 p.m.

  2. Friday and Saturday  till 10 Pm.

  3. Closed Thanksgiving Day, December 25, January 1, and the first Monday in May.

  4. Tickets are priced as follows: Adults $25; Seniors $17; Students $12. But you can pay what you can afford to see one of the greatest art museums in New York City.

  5. The Met is the largest, most comprehensive art museum in the world. The building occupies 1.5 million square feet (12 times the size of an American football field) and its collections include more than two millions objects, whose range includes the whole world and the entire sweep of human civilization.

  6. Every Year more than five million people visit.

  7. Van Gogh self-portrait with a Straw Hat is one of most important Met’s masterpieces.  The artist produced more than twenty self-portraits during his Parisian sojourn (1886-88). Without money, but determined to hone his skills as figure painter, he became his own best sitter: “I purposely bought a good enough mirror to work from myself”.