Inside New Yorkers Mind August 18 2014


There’s a joke that goes “New York City: World’s 14th biggest city; #1 world’s biggest ego.” Pure Truth! The people in New York City have a tremendous dominance complex. In so many ways they feel it's their right but let's take a look behind the facade of people who live there and their real issues.

    • New Yorkers always complain, always, about pretty much everything the train, the weather, the skyscrapers, the prices, the tourists, the snow, the sun, the heat, the cold, the dating scene, the life...... Yet, not too many are leaving and every single one is proud to call him/her self a New Yorker, of course nobody will ever admit it. Contradictory?   


    • The way major Bloomberg decided on the new city's taxi fleet was: He chose five people "fresh of the boat" with very little to no knowledge at all of the city's streets, locked them in the cars and made them blow the honk. The winner of the open competition the so called "Last Honk Standing" became the official New York taxi, 2014 Nissan NV200


    • Here is a million dollar idea: In history of New York a fine for honking was never issued even though this signs are all across the town. Sue the city for the waste of tax money. 



    • At least fifteens times a day you will be called a racist and certainly you are one everybody in town is, but no worries. The reason is very simple there are billions of cultures on 33.77 sq miles no matter what you say somebody is there who is just waiting for you to open your mouth and take your statement the wrong way. Also everybody is judgmental. 


    • The competition is so intense that earlier or later everybody hates everybody and that leads to a great deal of paranoia which is fantastic for the pharmaceutical companies but if New Yorkers are in need they always stick together, best example Hurricane Sandy. 


    • No matter how much, how fast, precise and dedicated you work in New York there is always somebody who will do it better for less money. Try to live with that thought. 


    • Nobody in New York is willing to tell you the full ugly truth because you never know how or in what way you will might need that person later on in life or if they are going to make it big in New York and everybody would "sell his own grandmother" for very little. New Yorkers carry that resentment around with a great grace. At some point it of course blows up in their face, depresses them and they start to hate the city. New York is a moral free zone.


    • The Umbrella sales people in New York are the best example of the way this city functions as soon as one raindrop comes down they are everywhere. Everything is available 24 hours and that is just fantastic. Consequently New Yorkers don't understand the rest of the world. 


    • Believe it or not New Yorkers never leave their boroughs but each of them will tell you that they traveled the world. Most people from Manhattan have probably been more often to Europe than to Brooklyn, Bronx or Queens. Nobody ever was seen on Staten Island besides some tourists and people who live there.