5 Best Korean Restaurants in NYC October 10 2014


Are you in New York, and you are crazy for korean food? Here we go. We suggest 5 restaurants you should try before leaving NYC. 

SHILLA37 West 32nd Street in Midtown West (212-967-1880)


ARANG9 West 32nd Street between Broadway and 5th Avenue in Midtown West (212-947-3028)


HAHM JI BACH41-08 149th Place in Flushing, Queens

Hahm Ji Bach

HANGAWI12 East 32nd Street between 5th and Madison Avenues in Midtown East (212-213-0077)


MUK EUN JI, 34 West 32nd Street between 5th Avenue and Broadway in Midtown West (212-736-0099)

Muk Eun Ji