432 Park Avenue Became The Tallest Residential Building In The Western Hemisphere October 15 2014

The tower 432 Park Avenue has finally stopped to grow,  which means that it has reached its  1,396-foot height, making it not only the tallest residential building in New York City, but also the entire western hemisphere.

The 96-story building will welcome its first residents next year, giving them a breathtaking view stretching from Central Park to the Atlantic Ocean and from Lower Manhattan, where the Freedom Tower is located, to Connecticut. A place in the 104-unit building starts at $16.95 million.

Let's be honest — most of us could only dream of having an apartment with views of all of New York City. So is better going back in our humble 800-square-foot abode and ogle at the lifestyle of the rich and famous, pretending that we're taking a bubble bath while looking at a Lego-sized Empire State Building.