Rainbow Room, Famous Rooftop Restaurant Reopens October 20 2014

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View from the Restaurant


After a five-year time-out, the historic Rainbow Room restaurant and event space atop 30 Rockefeller Plaza on 65th floor has reopened, renovated and refreshed.

Opened in 1934 during the Great Depression the restaurant was one among the most famous for the high society. Brooke Astor, Muhammad Ali and Howard Hughes have all walked across the rotating dance floor. 

But by the 70's, the place which was the symbol of NYC's glitz and glamour was run-down. The frequent visits of tourists and businessmen had payed their tribute. An update in the 80's brought back some of the old glitter and glam. However its doors shot down in 2009.

Now, the glitter is greater, starting with strands of crystal that glisten and refract light, becoming the dining room's new curtains where fabric used to be. Recessed ceiling lights deliver rainbow hues. The shimmering place is dressed in soothing gray. Brass railings and crystal posts gleam.

the new interior

It's open on Sunday for brunch and on Monday night for dinner. The rest of the week is for private parties. 

The brunch is $95 including cover charge, $65 for children under 12, free for children under 3.The price doesn't include alcohol, tax or tips. The dinner begins at $175.

the stunning view