Some Great Advice for 2015 December 31 2014

2014 is behind us and everybody has its own way of celebrating the new year. Some of us in a more fun way than others. We thought the best way might be to start the new year with some advices and a smile on your face. 


When you've been partying all night you always have to lock your door before going to bed.


If you go to get drinks keep in mind that others might had the same idea.


Not everybody is welcome think twice before you show up uninvited.


We can't emphasize enough how important it is to lock your door.


Never play too much on your phone during a party people want your attention.


Be careful when somebody opens a bottle of Champagne.


Friends always have your back.


Nobody likes when you arrive late.



Make sure to hide all your firework before you take a nap. 


....and never wake up a sleeping beauty. 


Happy 2015 from The New York Nightlife Team!