Why Do People Love Times Square? February 06 2015

What is so special about Times Square, what makes it so magical, why is it the world's most visited.......? And this is where the sentence has to end because there is no precise definition of what Times Square is and what it represents. How to define it, it's not an attraction or sight, it's a place where Broadway crosses the the 7th and 8th Ave.. Pragmatically looking it's just an intersection but it's so much more. 

The lights, the bizarre creatures, the energy and feelings, people from all over the world united at one place and the constant transformation are maybe what makes Times Square different from all other places in New York and in the world. The video represents a part of what Times Square is about very well. 

Brian Vinik one of the people who commented on this video summarized: "Times Square is one of my favorite places in the world because of the freedom it represents, and the constant, undying energy. So this video really spoke to me, and really made me smile!"