by Mariana Palacios Vega


Today, May 29th the “One World Observatory” at One World Trade Center (285 Fulton Street) opened its doors and welcomes visitors to an outstanding experience that has been been under development over the past years. The tallest building in the Western Hemisphere has chosen the renowned enterprise Legends Hospitality, LLC to run the new observation deck, will give viewers the opportunity to see an incomparable and breathtaking sight of one of the most vibrant cities in the world from approximately 1,250 feet above street level.


But the observation deck is not the only attraction. It all begins from the moment you enter one of the five cutting edge elevators that take you up 102 floors in approximately 60 seconds. LED lights embedded in the walls of each one of this capsules, recreate the development of the skyline of New York City from 1600 until today. Once you reach the peak of this grand structure, between the 100 and 102 floor (120,000 square foot) you will find; The Global Welcome Center, which will greet you in a variety of languages. The Voices and Foundations Program will tell you the story of the people that built the OWTC and the history of the ground where it is standing. The See Forever Theater, features a video that captures the dynamic life of NYC. The Sky Portal, a 14 foot wide circular disc that allows you to see in real time and in high definition what is happening on the streets beneath you and The City Pulse, an interactive software that takes you to a virtual reality that lets you merge with the images you are witnessing provides sweetens this amazing experience. In addition to all of this you can have a great meal at the top of NYC in a fully equipped restaurant.  


For this Summer season, May 29 to September 7, the operation hours will be from 9am until midnight and it is open 7 days a week, the box office will start selling tickets at 8:30am every day.