Drink Like a New Yorker: Try Vodka at Russian Vodka Room and Russian Samovar September 01 2017


Whether you live in New York City or if you are just visiting and you love vodka, then there are two places that you have to try:  Russian Vodka Room and Russian Samovar.  These two restaurant bars are situated across the street from each other, located on 52nd St. between 8th Avenue and Broadway and both serve up delicious food and drinks and have live jazz, blues and standards music (fantastic pianists), but both may be most known for their wide selection of vodkas, especially their tempting, homemade infused vodkas in flavors such as cranberry, ginger, pineapple, garlic dill, horseradish, peach and more. And, you if vodka isn’t your thing, they both have full bars, but really, vodka is really at the heart of these New York staples.  They are similar, but not the same and both have special advantages.  The ambiance differs, but the friendly welcome is present for both.  While you can choose one and park there for as little or until closing if you like, but as they are so close together, why not try both and discover a favorite for yourself? 

The Drinks

Infused Vodka at Russian Samovar

Both restaurant bars have a wide selection of bar staples and tasty international beers, but most people try it out for the vodka.  Both feature at least ten flavors of house infused vodka. These are available in 2 oz. shots, carafes of various sizes and flights of six different flavors are available for those who wish to taste many flavors.  Specialty cocktails adorn the menus of each for those who like to mix it up a bit.  Also, both venues feature a variety of popular and exclusive brands of vodka such as Absolut, Ketel One, Stoly, Cristal and many more. These places are known for being generous with their pours.  

The Food

Food at Russian Samovar

Many people come to these establishments for the drinks, but once you see the food walk by you will be tempted to try some—and you should, especially to help soak up some of the vodka.  Russian Samovar and Russian Vodka Room serve traditional Russian dishes such as smoked fish, charcuterie platters, caviar, borsht, pierogies, Pelmini veal and pork dumplings (both fried and steamed) with sour cream and hot mustard, and assorted pickled vegetables that are equally good, but there are a few must try items that are a worth trying at each establishment. 

Must Try Food at Russian Samovar

  • Mushroom Vol-Au-Vent “Windblown”—porcini mushrooms with cream sauce topped with a cheesy puffed pastry
  • Roasted Beet and Arugula Salad—with goat cheese and walnuts
  • “A Tribute to Perestroika” 22 oz Ribeye Steak—this dish serves two and is cooked in a red wine reduction with mushrooms
  • Chicken Kiev Entrée—Breaded chicken rolled in an herbed dill butter with mashed potatoes
  • Roasted Duck Entrée—pan seared duck breast with brae burn apple
  • Medovik—Layered Honey Cake

One additional item to consider is the black tea that is sweetened with black cherries. It tastes great, but the presentation is lovely and extra memorable.

Things to Drink in NYC Tea Russian Samovar

Must Try Food at Russian Vodka Room

  • Duck Liver Pate—This pate is perfectly seasoned and served with toasted bread
  • Mushroom Julienne En Cocotte—This baked mushroom dish is almost to pretty to eat…Almost…
  • Chicken Schnitzel—breaded chicken with truffle dill butter and roasted potatoes
  • Beef Stroganoff—This traditional Russian beef dish is made with a cream sauce and served with Kasha instead of noodles, delicious!

Beef Stroganoff at Russian Vodka Room

  • Short Ribs—These braised short ribs are tender and served with Kasha


Happy Hour

Happy Hour Bar at Russian Samovar

Russian Samovar and Russian Vodka Room both offer similar deals drink specials for Happy Hour.  Both have full bars with great selections. 


Happy Hour Duration

Cost of Martini

Cost of Shots

Cost of House Wine

Cost of Beer

Russian Samovar

Every Day 5-7





Russian Vodka Room

Every Day 4-7







One extra tip, these infused vodka shots are incredibly smooth, so know that you can easily over indulge if you don’t pay attention, so know your limits and pace yourself. 

The team at NewYorkNightlife.com wants you to have fun and try new things, but please drink responsibly and stay safe.