Live Like a New Yorker: Eat, Drink and Listen to Jazz at Blue Smoke September 27 2017

Blue Smoke NYC

Some people would say that a night of good food and drinks topped off with some great jazz music at makes for a perfect evening.  Blue Smoke is a favorite for New Yorkers and their guests who want a memorable, classy but informal evening that has the warm air of Southern Hospitality and delicious barbecue, followed by a trip next door to the internationally celebrated club, Jazz Standard.   

The name Blue Smoke comes from what you get when you have perfectly smoked meat.  And that is just one of the things you have to look forward to when you visit.  Executive Chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois has created a menu with so many options that it is hard to choose, but the team at New York NightLife is confident that you will enjoy whatever you choose as long as you enjoy great barbecue flavors and having a good time.  Something notable about the drink bar is that all of the spirits, beer and wines (especially their impressive selection of whiskey) are made in the USA. 

Jazz Standard has been popular for more than a decade and features legendary established artists as well as some of today’s best and brightest.  This club has two sets every night at 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM with an extra set often added on Fridays and Saturdays at 1130 PM to accommodate demand.  Tickets are recommended to be purchased in advance on the website here.  Most of the Blue Smoke menu is also available at the Jazz Standard. 

Jazz Standard Club NYC

Note:  Jazz Standard is family friendly.  Well-behaved kids are allowed.  However, they do have a Sunday “Jazz for Kids”performance which may be better for families with younger children. 

Choosing between all of the delicious items takes some serious effort.  Hopefully, you will have a companion or more who enjoys sharing their food as this is a place where you really want to try a little of everything.  While the meats and sides are terrific, the snacks are what really have you begging for more. 

Blue Smoke NYC

What are some must try food  items at Blue Smoke (most are from their snack section):

  • Warm Barbecue Potato Chips: these are nothing like you have had before in a bag.  They are spicy and sweet and go perfectly with their special blue cheese and bacon dipping sauce.
  • Deviled Eggs: many places in New York have good deviled eggs on the menu, but very few places have great ones.  These are tangy and creamy bite-fulls of happiness are worth trying, especially if you are always trying to find the best deviled eggs out there.  These will certainly make your list. 
  • Cornbread Madelines: These are as beautiful as they are filled with corny goodness.  Perfect consistency and even better with their homemade compound butter and some honey.
  • Their famous Barbecue Pit Stop has you choose one meat From the Pit which included Baby Back Ribs, Dry Rubbed Smoke Chicken, Spare Ribs, Chopped, Pork Shoulder, 7 Pepper Beef Brisket, Link of the Week and Barbecue Salmon. But which to choose?  With Barbecue, everyone tends to have a favorite, but the Baby Back Ribs and the 7 Pepper Beef Brisket may be just a little better.  Two sides are also included.  Again, all are good, but the Mac & Cheese is incredibly popular.

Blue Smoke 7 Pepper Brisket

  • Leave room for dessert. They have fresh baked goods and some staple items that are sure to tempt a sweet tooth.

There are two traditional locations, but the music via Jazz Standard is only present at the flagship location that is located at  116 E. 27th Street (between Park and Lexington)  and the secondary location is in Battery Park at 255 Vessey St. (West Street & North End Ave.)

Jazz Standard

But there are a few other options…Two Blue Smoke concession stands are available at New York Mets home Citi Field, and Blue Smoke on the Road opened in 2013 in Terminal Four of the John F. Kennedy Airport. 

While the strongest recommendation is to make a trifecta night of food, drink and music, however visiting Blue Smoke at lunchtime, for brunch or for a dinner when you have other plans later on is a worthwhile trip too. Visiting these places are some of the best things to do in NYC.  


[Featured Image of Blue Smoke  by Marissa Vicario MWAH]