Things to Eat in NYC: Sweet Treat Fans Must Try Chocolate Works September 20 2017

Even people without a sweet tooth usually have their favorite kind of candy, even if it is only for special occasions.  Well, finding a reason to venture out to one of the few locations of Chocolate Works in New York City is a worthwhile mini-adventure.

Whether it is chocolate, ice cream sundaes, gummy candies, taffy, licorice, dipped fruit, truffles, nut clusters, peanut butter cups, cinnamon discs, nostalgic candy brands from childhood, toffee, baked goods, fudge, divinity, sour treats and salty, sweet caramels, a chocolate fountain, perfect for dipping fruit and marshmallows and more, Chocolate Works has something for every palate. And much of their candy is made fresh by only the best chocolatiers and artisanal candy makers.  

While NYC has many great shops devoted to bulk candy, ice cream and chocolates, there aren’t too many places that have a little bit of everything.

Chocolate Works Ice Cream

There are 19 stores throughout many states.  You may be wondering, why go to a chain when there are so many specialty candy or ice cream shops all around New York City?  There are many reasons, but here are the four most important courtesy of your team at New York Nightlife.

  1. Chocolate Works has something for almost everyone, so you can enjoy the vast variety (they have vegan, sugar free and frozen options) of sweet treats.
  2. The customer service at Chocolate Works is abnormally good. The skilled staff are quick to come to your aid, but they don’t hover.  They usually even have samples for their guests to try.
  3. Chocolate Works is a family friendly location. While visitors to New York City may not have the time to book one of their extraordinary family or adult parties, it is a worthwhile trip to visit and spend 30 minutes looking around and if you have the time, you can make your own candy or some edible art.
  4. The eleven Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey locations are convenient to get to, with the Brooklyn Heights, Upper East Side and Upper West Side locations being most popular for tourists. Find the location nearest to you here.

So, what is the must try item at Chocolate Works?

Everything is good and everyone has their favorites, but you’ve got to try the...

Truffles.  There is an abundance of chocolate truffles in a variety of flavors that are beautifully decorated.  By all means, try those but if you want something really special, you may choose to ignore the beautiful ones and splurge on the Chocolate Works’ Signature Truffles.  These are not beautiful. They look like tiny bricks covered in a burnt-looking brown powder.  The smooth taste and perfect creamy consistency are surprising. A box of these doesn’t come cheap, but they are worth it. 

Chocolate Works Signature Truffles

So if you find yourself in the in New York City and are craving something sweet, find a reason to check out #ChocolateWorks