TOUR- Food Tour


Adult - $69.00

Children - $59.00

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  • The tastiest dishes of the whole planet 

  • Visit Hell's Kitchen, small hidden gems

  • 5 different restaurants and 5 different dishes

  • Professional English-speaking chef and guide

  • Every Wednesday, starting at 12 PM


Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan has the most authentic restaurants of New York.

Chains, big money and large corporations are not welcome here and so this listed area, with the wonderful old fire staircase buildings, is still spared by the Komerz, where immigrants from all over the world settle for many generations.

This is reflected in the food offer again. This area offers the most traditional dishes and food from around the world. We take your taste buds on a trip through the kitchens of this world.

A Pizza in New York is never allowed to miss, you try the best in Hell's Kitchen. Visiting New York and not tasting something Asian in Hell's Kitchen would be a case for NYPD. The 70s and early 80s brought the largest wave of immigration of Asians to the United States. The poorest settled in Hell's Kitchen and until today, the best home-based food from all over Asia, your palate will be freaking out. Furthermore, 70% of New Yorkers speak Spanish and come from South America, they also brought their delicious dishes, we try one of them. Something from the States should not be missing as well, more precisely from the Southern States. We'll have to sit down because it's so delicious that you get weak knees. Finally, we have an hourly freshly prepared bedside table. What is it? Where does it come from? The answer is on the tour, every Wednesday at 12 o'clock. Only condition comes with an empty stomach.


Meeting Point: The New York Nightlife, 324 W 47TH Street, New York 10036 at 12:00 Pm



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